Tax Season Deadlines

Did you know… the deadline for businesses and financial institutions to file T4s with the CRA is past the date for when we can begin e-filing your personal income tax return? If you’re thinking we can get all of your information from the CRA before the middle of April, think again! The T4 deadline is the end of February and if T4s are paper-filed by an employer, it can take up to 6 months for the CRA to have them verified.

So! Bring in ALL your documents for us to review and add in to get the most accurate return for you.

Some important dates to remember this tax season are:

  • February 19 – Canada Revenue Agency e-file desk official opens
  • February 28 – Last day for Employers to file T4s
  • March 1 – Last day to contribute to RRSP’s to be counted on your Tax Return
  • April 20 – Our GUARANTEED deadline
  • April 30 – Last day to file for all individuals.  Last day to file if you operated a business and have a balance owing
  • June 15 – Last day to file if you operated a business and will have NO balance owing

REMEMBER!  If you want us to GUARANTEE to have your taxes filed prior to April 30, you must bring us ALL of your documents by April 20.